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In the show, Lucy visits the doctor and discovers she is pregnant. She is all set to tell Ricky when he comes home that afternoon, but he is called back to the club before she has the chance. She finally decides to visit the nightclub that evening and give Ricky the news during the middle of his show. Ricky is just finishing a musical number when the maître d hands him a note.

Ricky walks from table to table singing “Rock-A-Bye Baby” and asking each couple, “Was it you?” While he’s doing this, Lucy comes in and sits down at an empty table. When he gets to the table where Lucy is sitting, he gives her a pantomime, “Hi”, between the words of the song and jokingly asks, “You?” Lucy slowly nods her head, “Yes.” Ricky gives her a wink, walking away as he sings the next verse of the song and suddenly he does a tremendous double take and rushes back to Lucy’s side.

On the night of the filming, Lucy and Desi got to this point in acting out the script. And then, the strange thing happened. Suddenly, they remembered their own real emotions when they discovered at last they were going to be parents. And both of them began crying. It was one of the most touching moments I have ever seen.
-Jess Oppenheimer, producer and head writer of I Love Lucy 

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